The Chinese New Year has begun both in real life and in Pokemon Go — the augmented reality video game created. Specific kinds of Pokemon will spawn more often in Pokemon Go. We’re entering the Year of the Pig according to the calendar and that has its effect in Pokemon Go as well. The Lunar New Year event in Pokemon Move means that you will be able to catch 12 Pokemon from the wild. One of these is Spoink, the Pokemon which resembles a pig, and the programmers say that there’s a higher chance of falling a Shiny Spoink from the wild too.

Except that they have a different color, shiny Pokemon are just like normal Pokemon. Because Shiny Pokemon are rare, catching these is hard. During the Lunar New Year event in Pokemon Go you can catch more of the next Pokemon: Spoink, Rattata Miltank, Electabuzz, Buneary, Dratini, Ponyta, Mareep, Mankey, Poochyena, Ekans, and Torchic.

Eagle-eyed Pokemon Go players would have spotted that these Pokemon correspond to the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac. Since we’re entering the Year of the Pig according to the calendar, Spoink is the Pokemon that’s at the spotlight.

You will earn twice the amount of XP for evolving and catching Pokemon during the Lunar New Year Event at Pokemon Go. You have a chance of your Pokemon becoming a Lucky Pokemon if you trade it. The Lunar New Year event in Pokemon Move lasts until 1pm PST on February 13, which will be 2.30am IST on February 14.


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