Twitter officials have been summoned by the Parliamentary Committee on Information Technology across the problem of protecting taxpayers’ rights its mind Anurag Thakur said.

In addition, he sought tips and views about the situation from the public. The social networking giant was summoned days following the members of Youth for Social Media Democracy, a right wing team, protested outside its division alleging that Twitter has obtained an”anti-right-wing mindset” and continues to be blocking their balances.

A few of the members of this group that was right-wing also have written to Thakur. This past year, after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the authorities had issued a note to Facebook, trying its answer over consumer data breach and particulars of the steps it had set in place to guarantee the security and avoidance of abuse of private data. The panel had also led the Information Technology Ministry officials to become in”written dedication” from Facebook and other social networking websites their platforms wouldn’t be employed to control Indian elections.

Naturally, Twitter is now an important instrument for most leaders in sharing and communication their perspectives. The media platforms like Twitter could play a significant part in influencing the election this summer due.


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